The job of our elders is to know our members, to love them, to pray for them, and encourage them in their walk with God. They also have to give direction to the church. To be able to lead in the right direction, the elders have to devote themselves to know God’s Word and God’s heart.


Information about the Current Elders can be found here.

Current Elders

  • Pieter Lammersma
  • Karl Wrogemann
  • Leon de Kok


We are privileged to have two retired ministers involved in the life of our church. Although not officially part of our eldership, the rich experience of Rev Fred Vanderbom and Rev Dr Reg Mathews is an encouragement and a source of wisdom in our midst.


Deacons & Church Council

The deacons are the hands-on guys. They organise our members to give practical assistance wherever it is needed.  They always have the sick and needy on their radar.  The church council, where all the deacons, one or two elders and some members with specific tasks and skills are serving, is responsible for hands-on issues that includes buildings, budgets and bills.



Information about the Current Deacons and other Church Council members can be found here.

Current Deacons

  • Jonathan van der Linden
  • Leonie Otto
  • Noreen Kitchen


The following additional members also serve as members of our Church Council:

  • Johan Otto
  • Hugo Britz
  • Steven Evans (Chair)


Margreet van Leeuwen is the Church Council secretary.

Anna van der Merwe is church treasurer


Church Office

Our admin is done by a group of volunteers. This group is coordinated by Noreen Kitchen.  We are so grateful for every volunteer in our church. 


Member Meetings

All official members have a vote when we have a members meeting. Such meetings have to approve financial statements, building projects and new appointments of elders, deacons and ministers.



We have youth leaders that report to the Church Council.