Worship Services


Christianity is not about Sundays. It is about serving God and His Kingdom every moment of our lives. Sundays is “huddle time”.

A huddle is an action of a team gathering together, usually in a tight circle, to strategise, motivate or celebrate – Wikipedia

Can you imagine a football or cricket player so motivated to play the game that he neglects to join the team huddle? Can you imagine a driver so motivated to cross the Australian Outback in quick time that he refuses to stop to refuel? Doing that would be foolish – as foolish as Christian who chooses to stay away from Worship meetings where Christians gather together in a tight circle to strategise, motivate and celebrate, to equip them to live Christian lives every moment of the week.

God’s Word is our guide, and His Spirit applies his Word to our lives when we approach these meetings with fellow followers of Jeus with the right attitude.

Worship Services are every Sunday at 9:30 am. We also organise a service for speakers of Afrikaans once a month.